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Clauseph Biofuels Pty Ltd. is a Botswana based, green technology start-up company. The main vision of the founders is sustainable industrialisation through eco- friendly production of clean bio-fuels. 

We are on a mission to expand the local value chain by engaging local producers, retailers and employing local labor in production efforts. 

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The clean cooking project

Revolutionizing Cooking with Eco-Friendly Solutions

For the first project –  the company manufactures energy efficient biomass stoves, grills, ovens as well as clean biomass fuel made through recycling biomass waste and using wood from invasive bush tree species.

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Biomass fuel Production

The manufacturing of charcoal briquettes by the company solves multi-dimensional environmental problems. The first being the deforestation caused by cutting down of protected tree species to meet heating energy demands as 46% of households nationwide rely on the use of firewood. The second is the widespread Bush encroachment problem in Botswana and across southern Africa that has documented adverse effects on farmlands and massive areas across the country. The third is the improper disposal of agricultural waste after harvesting periods. The company manufactures briquettes through a carbonization process of the biomass waste (agro waste and Bush trees), mixes with a binder and produces at high pressure, a solid biomass fuel that is a far superior alternative to firewood.

Stoves Production

Clauseph Biofuels manufactures affordable, energy efficient biomass stoves, grills and ovens using metalcladdings that are lined with ceramic from locally sourced clay.

Ceramic Production

The use of clay by the company is borrowing from primitive technology and infusing that with modern technology. Certain Batswana tribes used to cook with traditional clay pots and they were favored for their long heat retention, which is why the company is using the same material in production.

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Meet Our Team

Granny Lesiamang

CEO & Project Leader

Miss Lesiamang is a certified engineer and economist and her responsibilities are on product design, project development, business development initiatives and administrative work.

Miller Kebaso

Product Engineer

Mr Kebasoformally trained in Mechanical design engineering. He has over 2 years experience of product design and prototyping of biomass stoves.

Akanyang Jeremiah

Productions & Product Development Lead

Mr Jeremiah  has over 5 years entrepreneurship and project lead experience and was formerly a site supervisor at a construction firm.