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Clauseph Biofuels: Fueling Sustainability

At Clauseph Biofuels, we’re dedicated to sustainable industrialization through eco-friendly clean biofuels. Join us in expanding the local value chain and promoting a greener future.

Clean Cooking

Manufacturing energy-efficient stoves and clean biomass fuel.

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Green Technology

Pioneering eco-friendly solutions for a cleaner planet.


Local Engagement

Empowering local producers, retailers, and labor.


Ceramic Innovation

Blending traditional clay with modern technology.



Solving environmental challenges with sustainable solutions.

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Our Sustainable Practices

We’re committed to environmental preservation and sustainability. Explore how our biofuel production is making a positive impact.

Creating Positive Environmental Impact

Our briquettes combat deforestation by providing an eco-friendly alternative to firewood

We address the bush encroachment crisis, benefiting farmlands and ecosystems.

We upcycle agricultural waste, reducing improper disposal and promoting sustainability.

Our advanced carbonization process turns waste into superior biomass fuel.

By engaging local labor, we uplift communities and foster economic growth.

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